Campervan Design: The Importance of Using Your Communication Skills

I was lounging with a beer in my hand in our campervan-to-be slash woodshed today having a discussion on the merits of various kitchen layouts with Mrs. Home On The Loose today. Well, to be honest it wasn’t much of a discussion. Each of were strenuously debating the benefit of our particular design idea whilst simultaneously dismissing the other’s as not feasible.

We retired from the day’s design meeting in a bit of a huff, each of us not really understanding why the other could not see what was so obviously the right decision! As we moved into the dinner portion of the evening I had a moment of satori as I stood above the grill flipping the evenings repast. The reason each of us could see our idea so clearly was that we had a firm, vivid image of what our design would look like in our head but were doing a crummy job describing that image to our partner.

Way back in the infancy of our relationship, Mrs. Home On The Loose stated that “We should always remember our communication skills and to keep talking to each other.” Wise words from a then 26 year old. Bringing dinner in I cracked a new beer for my lovely wife, apologized for being a grumpy jerk and then told her the hypothesis that came to me while grilling.

Over burgers and sweet potato fries we hatched a plan: Both of us are strong visual thinkers and benefit from diagrams, images, etc to learn new ideas. The thought that we could present two divergent ideas verbally and have it come out roses is ridiculous. SO: Going forward all design ideas need to be presented in picture format. 

This makes total sense for us. Looking back, our best ideas have been hatched from back-of-the napkin sketches, lists and doodles.

By the end of dinner, the rosy glow of happy creativity had once again returned to the Home On the Loose HQ. Thank you communication skills!

You are going to hit roadblocks on the path to your dreams. Remember that your partner is your best friend on this journey. Keep talking, remember to approach each other with humility, don’t let fear prevent you from admitting you were wrong and never go to sleep still angry with each other.

See you out there,


(Where are the stumbling blocks in your campervan build? Your relationship? Have you had any “vigorous discussions” along the way? How did you overcome them and what helped to smooth the path back towards harmony? Please post your experiences in the comments.)

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