Dude, Where Are All The Build Posts?

This past Friday I was out at Happy Hour with family and friends. The adults were drinking beer while the children made themselves at home at the Foosball table. I was trying to stretch out my tight calves after squeezing in a three mile run by running instead of driving to the brewery. My friend put down his IPA, leaned in and asked “Hey, we are all following along with your writing. It’s looking pretty good; but where are all the van build posts?”

“They’re coming.” I smiled. Then I got up and headed to the bar for a refill. Guilty thoughts washed over me. “Should I be posting more build posts? But my photography sucks. Maybe I should post them anyway. Maybe I should order the double IPA.”

So apparently we are getting a reputation as more of a “design your campervan” rather than a “build your campervan” blog. I think there’s value there though as designing for a family of four feels more involved than designing for two (or one). You have to think not only about your needs today, but what it’s going to be like in there when the currently small children get closer to full-sized in a few years.

Looking back at the Home On The Loose posts thus far we are certainly skewed towards sharing with you more design, less build. Well, there’s a reason for that. Remember how I shared with you the reality of designing for a family of four? Well, it turns out that there is another reality we have been faced with as we build our van:

Kids are damn distracting when you are trying to work with power tools, cut large pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood and then attach them in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way inside your nascent campervan.

Of course, by distracting, I don’t mean that Katie and Yvie are out there weaving in and among the saws, drills and power cords. They are pulling us away from the work with the following words:

“Mommy, Daddy, can we go to the park?”

Or, more succinctly from our one year old, “Ou-side!”

What are you going to do? The build posts will come soon, I promise. We are gearing up for another test trip to test our new secret weapon: 


See you out there,



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