The Reality of Designing A Campervan For A Family Of Four

Here at Home On The Loose, we love the design process. We talk about van design every chance we get. We talk about cabinet placement over breakfast. We discuss bed platforms and benches over afternoon tea. We have eaten up entire eight hour drives down to Indian Creek solely on the pros and cons of different van types, wheelbases and roof heights. I have even been sucked into the world of Pinterest in our quest to absorb the collective wisdom of those van dwellers that have gone down this path before us. We have snipped images, drawn diagrams, pinned pins and dreamed our glorious dreams of family life on the road.

But here’s the rub….

You know those van pictures you have been lusting over for the past few months? You know, the one that shows an expansive interior complete with shower, full kitchen and a king sized bed? Or the one with the half-naked surfer girl/guy lounging in a bed platform surrounded by miles of cabinets and floor-to-ceiling closets? Well, if you are like the Home On The Loose Crew, you must abandon these dreams, place them in a box and gently tuck them away for someday off in the unknown future.

Why you ask? Because of this: 

That’s right. If you are like us, you want a bomber, safe second row of seats to host your Mini On The Loosers. This can initially put a major damper on your dreams of a full kitchen where you cook lavish meals while your scantily clad mate lounges on a king-sized bed platform nearby, staring out at an inspiring panorama.

This reality set in for us on our test trip to the desert over Thanksgiving when we realized that our luxurious bed platform and our children’s second row of seats left us with only about four square feet of livable space. we found ourselves asking “Where is my expansive kitchen going to go? Where will we fit the floor-to-ceiling closets? Where is all this kid crap going to get stored!!?”

But fret not my friends. Where there is challenge, there is opportunity!

Surprisingly, we have found very little on the interwebs on how to design and build your own campervan for a family of four. One of our missions here at Home On The Loose is to chronicle the highs and lows of building our van so that you can learn from us and take that next step to getting your family out there. In our research/design obsession we have stumbled upon what we think is the ideal solution. Stay tuned, we have more design posts coming your way!

See you out there!


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